Spoiler-Free Review of Frozen

As the cold weather and the Christmas holidays approach, it’s a great time to hit the movie theaters. A Black Friday tradition for me, tonight I went to the movies, this year to see Disney’s newest film, Frozen.

Before I get to the review of the actual movie, the short Get a Horse! was a great re-imagining of animation. The classic and the innovative are combined in a flawless design, bringing back archived voiceovers by Walt Disney himself while also utilizing 3D elements. It’s a beautiful homage to what started the Disney company while also paying tribute to what’s popular today. Like last year’s short film Oscar winner Paperman, Disney again shows that they know how to tell a story with new technology without forgetting that the story itself is most important.

The musical chanting drew me in as Frozen began, very similarly to the introduction to The Lion King with “The Circle of Life.” The animation is beautifully done, and I would say it is Disney’s best CGI film to date. Just watching the ice crystals forming on objects, land, and architecture is entrancing. The voice acting and singing are also fantastic, and I was very impressed by Kristen Bell’s singing voice (she did the voice of Anna). I wasn’t aware that she is a skilled singer, but she certainly has proven herself in this film. Idina Menzel (voice of Elsa, previously the Wicked Witch in Wicked on broadway) is flawless as usual, and she gives Elsa’s character the perfect balance of edge, timidity, and love. Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) is overly silly but endearing, providing cute comic relief. Overall, the film focuses on true love, but not just romantic love. In fact, this is more of a sisterly love story — a pleasant breath of fresh air in a Disney film. Frozen does follow many of the typical Disney conventions with silly gags and songs, as well as a cute love story, but, in this case, it all works together. Though I certainly wouldn’t call the movie flawless as there were plot holes that could have used more explanation, I would definitely suggest it for any person to see it. It has a fun but meaningful plot with a nice ending. And make sure to stay for the credits! Trust me, you’ll be rewarded. Disney recaptures the magic of some of their older films (think the 1990s heyday), and Frozen is sure to become a classic.

And, in case you haven’t checked it out already, below is another trailer for Frozen. Enjoy!


The Cartoon That Started It All

The newly-completed Mickey Mouse short “Get a Horse!” will be premiering before the new feature-film Frozen, in theaters November 27, 2013. This cartoon features Walt Disney’s voice for Mickey Mouse from archived recordings.

But before that short debuts, see the cartoon that started it all. At least for a certain mouse…


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