A trip to the Caribbean

You have a boat rental ready? Good. Now we can talk about Caribbean Beach Resort!

Martinique! Jamaica! BARBADOS! I do love the bus drivers…

Featuring Caribbean villages for guests to stay in and located in the EPCOT vicinity, Caribbean Beach was the first moderate-priced resort to open on the Disney property. This is why, as I understand it, the check-in area and the food court/gift shop (AKA Old Port Royale) are separated. This is rather inconvenient, but I can’t say that it really bothered me all that much. Plus, all of the other moderate resorts that came after decided to bring everything together in one locale. But the place is beautiful just to walk around and take in the sites.

It really does have a beach theme, and the beach is not too far from any rooms. You can sit on the sand and take in the views, even while resting in a hammock. I remember walking each day from our room past the beach and the pool to the Old Port Royale. It is just a nice place to relax and take in a Caribbean beach atmosphere while watching boats float by.

As you can probably guess, the Caribbean Beach Resort has taken a hint from a series of hit Disney movies and a hit attraction at Dsineyland and Magic Kingdom and now focuses on the theme of pirates. Does “Pirates of the Caribbean” ring any bells? The Old Port Royale is complete with pirate gifts and dressings, and even new rooms have been renovated to include this theme. How would you like to sleep on a pirate ship and grab some grog out of a barrel? Aargh, sounds like a good time!

What is truly strange to me about the Caribbean Beach resort is that they have a man-made ocean that you can’t actually swim in. Wait, what? Nope. It’s not for swimmers. But it is for boaters. You can rent a boat at the resort and take it on the lagoon, but, probably at least partly due to safety concerns, swimmers cannot partake in the waters of the resort. But there are pools available for those that have the urge to swim.

The main pool is cute and has gone through some renovations since I stayed there in 2006. It has a Spanish fort theme to it, complete with, you guessed it, a water slide. When I originally saw the smaller version of this pool, I thought it was rather neat, but it was much too small and way too crowded for my family to endeavor. We decided to check out Blizzard Beach instead (but that’s for another blog post…). As I understand it, though, the pool at Caribbean Beach is now approximately twice the size it was in 2006, and I would definitely be interested to see it in person and maybe even take a dip in it. The extra space was much needed, and, even though the new pirate-themed rooms sound really great, and I would love to experience those as well, the renovated pool is a must-see for me.

I think I would actually like to stay here again, if nothing else, to see the changes that have occurred since my last visit. It really is a nice place to stay, and I highly recommend it. And I think some of the bus drivers have a lot of fun with their travelers (but that’s, yet again, for another post).

Yet again, go check out www.AllEars.Net to find the pictures that I’ve posted and for information on all things Disney.

One more resort to go! Don’t forget your binoculars and cameras, but please refrain from feeding the animals…


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